Class 40-ish scale design

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Javelin, Dec 26, 2017.

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    In 2019 I intend to build a 43' fast cruiser, based on similar hull lines to a Class 40/ Pogo 12.5

    I'd like to build a scale hull, 43" long to help with the design process and was wondering if anyone had a line drawing of a similar hull that they could stretch slightly to 43' overall.
    As a hands on kind of guy I think I'd find it much easier to have a model in my hands rather than work off a screen.

    I'm a boat builder by trade and should have the facilities and finance for the main buld lined up by the end of 2018, however I've still got a lot to do, nailing down the design, especially internal layout which will obviously impact on cockpit and deck design.
    The boat will be designed specifically for two people, for predominantly off the wind sailing and will incorporate either a daggerboard with a bulb or centerboard design so as to give us a minimum draft of 1.5m with twin rudders.
    Built either using strip ceder or cold molded and epoxy sheathed.
    Deck and bulkheads will probably be glass sandwich foam core.
    Also toying with the idea of using electric power rather than diesel with a large area of deck incorporating solar panels.

    Once I've got a good handle on what I can/can't have I'll approach Owen Clark or similar to draw up final plans for the build.
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    I'm sure Owen Clark would have something for you to play with, given their expertise, possibly even a cut fill for a 3D printed model, you can use.
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