Civil Engineering & Westlawn at the same time ?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Santi, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Santi
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    Santi New Member

    im actually in 3rd year of civil engineering, and im realy intrested in the westlawn's course "professional yatch design".
    As you know engineering takes a lot of time and im also doing some other activities after classes.
    So i would like to know if anyone who has taken or is taking the westlawn courses thinks i could do both at the same time. Also if it's possible, how much hours per day will i have to study for these courses, how much time consuming is it ?, is it very difficult?, motivating?.... your experience, is anyone taking other courses, faculty or somethig else, or just westlawn?
    As i think you should've noticed, my english it's not very good, (im sorry :( ). im living in Uruguay, (we speak spanish here). Will this be a problem?.
    Will the distance between uruguay-usa be a problem in terms of recieving and sending exercises or whatever ?
    And last, im just wondering how much would it cost to realy construct a 30 to 45 feet yatch? i know its a wide range of price. my father owed a Roy 32, which's price was about 40000 usd. but it had some years. Maybe something like a J24 ... i dont know.... i just want to have an idea if i´ll be able to construct any design.

    Thanks, congrats for the site !!
  2. dougfrolich
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    dougfrolich Senior Member

    I think that the two programs will go very well together.
    The Westlawn course will allow you to go at your own pace so you can spend time on it when you have time---keep up with your engineering studies--you may even be able to combine some westlawn lessons with your engineering study projects---It will be a great benefit and alot of fun---go for it.
  3. westlawn5554X
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT

    As a student of the program... I find it fullfilling... I use to have a lotta traditional boat building from the knowledge past from by mouth... now I at least understand deeper and feel more professional in designing my boat...

    Westlawn can send and receive yur work by govt. mail or other like DHL and FedEx... I dont know how long a govt mail take in Uruguay but you can always ask the post office for info before joinning the program...

    Westlawn is VERY understanding on International student with distance learning... They reply my problem PROMPTLY...

    I dont get paid for saying this... I live in a remote far away place that you cant even imagine...

    Enjoy the course you will... It will have a plan on a boat that you can study and ehmmm... change to your need... a small boat...

    I prefer sail boat though...:)
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