Choosing Props for High Performance Cruising Catamaran

Discussion in 'Props' started by CatBuilder, Sep 4, 2010.

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    I'm building a high performance catamaran with the following statistics:

    Length overall: 44'-10" (13.67 m)
    Beam: 25'-0" (7.62 m)
    Hull L/B: 10.8:1
    Draft: 1'-9"/6'-3" (0.53/1/90 m)
    Weight: 11.900 lb (5.398 kg)
    Displacement: 18.292 lb (8.315 kg)
    Bridgedeck: 2'-11" (0.89m) full load
    Sails - main : 495 sqft (46 sq m)
    -blade: 232 sqft (21.55 sq m)
    -genoa: 368 sqft (34.2 sq m)
    -spinn: 755 sqft (70.14 sq m)

    The numbers aren't all that far off from the Gunboats if you were to scale a 48 down to my size. This is a lightweight, fairly high performance cruising cat.

    Given that it can do some pretty high speeds, I'm at a loss how to choose props for this boat. I was going with outboards, but am undecided on that again. To figure out what kind of engine configuration I am going to go with, I'd like to start at the end that matters: The props.

    So what is the ideal set of props for a boat with these statistics?

    How do I know what speed the hull should be driven at?
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    I would suggest you get a copy of Dave Geer's propeller handbook.

    There you will be able to play with the trade off between speed and fuel burn.

    Cat , tri or lead sled, SPEED COSTS MONEY!!

    If you think you want speed, the formulas are there , you can just plug in the fuel burn you can afford , 10GPH? 20GPH? 40GPH?and see how fast you can go.

    MY guess is you will run out of fuel bucks at under 12K for dashes and about 8K for LRC (long range cruise).

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    What does the designer say?
    What have other boats of this design done?

    Obviously they will need to be feathering/folding if legs arent being lifted clear of the water.

  4. CatBuilder

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    Those are good questions... I don't know the answer to these questions and will check on them. Thank you for the responses. I will gather some more facts.
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