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    I have just recently completed a Physics and math postgraduate degree and have found myself in the position of having to decide the next step towards a job. The first thing that has come to mind is boat design and I think my mind is set.

    My choice now is where to study so far I'm only considering 2 places of study.
    1. Southhampton Solent University, BEng (Hons) Yacht and Powercraft Design (Full Time) 3years.
    2. Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) in Tasmainia at AMC, 4years.

    I have already been studying for 4.5years and the idea of going back for another 3-4 years is a little depressing but the idea of boat design has got me energized. What I'm hoping you guys can help me with is views of these 2 places of study or suggestions of other places of study.

    As you can guess I have alot of factors to think about when moving to another country for x years to study, so any suggestion, views, advice or anything would be really appreciated.
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