Channel Islands 22

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by kapnD, Dec 23, 2019.

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    1A09FA3F-CCBA-49BC-9630-4105308853D9.jpeg DF0F2559-8925-4CAB-857D-B4AA762801F5.jpeg 9567E306-7980-44FD-84EA-94D65E206618.jpeg DAF8D114-BA46-4FAD-8D8D-9B15CB1FD6F6.jpeg
    There was a discussion going on yesterday about this boats speed potential, thread vanished into thin air!
    I found some pictures showing the hull and keel details.
    I think 19 knots is an unreasonable expectation from this hull, especially with just over 100 hp.
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    I asked the same question yesterday, and one of the Moderators sent me a private message with their thoughts re the matter. The Moderator decided to bin the thread completely after the OP had removed his posts, as it didn't make sense any more without the OP's initial contribution and additional thoughts.
    The Channel Islands 22 does appear to be a very nice wee motor boat - she was available with a choice of single or twin engines.

    Here is a thread on the YBW Forum about them, started in January this year. There is lots of useful info here from former owners of this class of boat.
    Channel islands 22 or seafarer 21

    Here is a copy of a catalogue I picked up on her at Southampton Boat Show sometime in the early 90's.

    Channel Islands 22 - 1.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 2.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 3.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 4.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 5.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 6.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 7.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 8.jpg Channel Islands 22 - 9.jpg
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    Sorry about that. That thread was started two days ago on Saturday morning, but once the thread starter strangely decided to leave that same afternoon and deleted their 6 posts in that thread within the edit window and changed the original question to simply "Thanks" removing the details, the other 7 posts Saturday didn't make sense any more.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. It's too bad that thread starter didn't stick around, but thanks very much for posting the information in any case, as others were obviously interested in this type of boat.
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    These were and still are fine boats though I would be surprised if I saw one doing 19kts.

    Hopefully Le Marquand, Jersey's most fisherman sees this and can enlighten us on some of their characteristics. I know he has done a few thousand miles on one.
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    The picture of the blue boat out of the water appears to show a hull extension with trim tabs, an attempt perhaps to limit squat, or get some extra speed.
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