Catamaran Vs V hull power boats

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jucasan, Jul 18, 2008.

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    I just found out this forum (this is my 1st thread) and I'm interested about learning some basic concepts about boat designs.

    I'm working in a school project and would like to know which one is the difference about a race catamaran power boat and a V hull race boat. Don't expect any mathematical explanation, just the basics concepts.

    For example: It's true that V hulls are faster in choppy water but slowers in calm water?
    V boats makes turns better than cats?
    Are cats more stable?

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    here are my ideas of what the answers are....i am no expert or anything but if I'm not mistaken V hulls are faster in choppy water and I'm not to sure if they are slower in calm water. My guess is that yes they are slower than cats in calm water. V boats generally make better turns than cats (the boat leans more into the turn rather than staying more level while turning, when it leans it is cutting down the area so it has "less" to turn" Cats at defiantly more stable than V hulls, there is no question about that.

    Hope my answer helped you,

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