Catamaran hard top

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by pierreuw, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Hello, we have a lagoon 410, and this year project is adding a big hard top (25 sq meter) similar to the lagoon 450. I was thinking for the core of using 3/4 inch balsa with 1/4 inch plywood ribs every feet for the outside I was thinking of gluing with epoxy two plates of fiberglass (that I would mold) on both side. I will be building in central America where polyester resin is inexpensive. How many layers of what kind of fiber would you suggest to make the plates (unidirectional, carbon, cloth.....). Any suggestion would be very welcome.
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    1000 - 1200gsm of biaxial 0/90 or double bias +45/-45 should be enough
    or 600gsm of each biaxial and DB.
    Would not bother with the 1/4" ply, how is this being supported and attached to the existing cabin roof?
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