Carlson 'Vector Major'

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Schnick, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Has anyone ever heard of a 27' boat going by this description? Apparently there is a strip-planked hull available for sale in my area which is a 'vector major' designed by Richard Carlson, who I have never heard of. Apparently he is an east coast designer and the boat is a fin keel, skeg-hung spade rudder style. I am looking for more info on the design...
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    Dick Carlson

    I wish I knew more. A designer located in Stonington CT. Ahead of his time. The boats I know of were light displacement, hard bilged, strip planked, and most were built in Spain. I have seen more than one and the build seemed of the highest quality. I think the most popular model was the Cutlass 23. I wish I had a drawing or photo of one. I think there was another larger model called the Cutlass Major. I think they were quite successful racing under the MORC rule at the time.
    There was also a story I remember reading about how a nuclear submarine surfaced directly beneath Mr Carlsons own yacht during an overnight race. The boat was severely damaged by I don't believe anyone was seriously injured. I think there was a problem getting the Navy to admit that the event had ever occurred.
    Hope this helps a little. I would also like to know more about Dick Carlson.
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