Canopy frame material, aluminium or stainless steel ?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by hyboats, Sep 10, 2010.

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    My T top frame is all anodized Alum and it would be nice to match it

    I have a bunch of thick walled Stainless 1/2" Tubing but its only 3 ft lenghts.

    Would like to trade it for some thick walled Alum fromework welded up for my boats roof frame over the aft deck and a bow dodger frame.

    the correct way to prevent people from garbbing the framework is to Bap them with a fish every time they put their stiny little fingers on the pipe. Same goes when they grab your VHF Antennas when they fall overboard. You dont let them back out of the water until they hand you a credit card.

    Oh the other Hand. I jsut came accross this picture.

    How did they build this? Who make s them?


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    While I am no design brain trust, I have been a metal fabricator and a an owner of a marine canvas business. Whether stainless steel or aluminum, the real upfront cost is the labor, if this is a custom built system.Each material will have its own "best use" parameters for mechanical and welded joints. If this is a fixed system, Aluminum will work very nicely. If your are planning a folding or removable system, I think stainless steel is your best choice. Off the shelf systems tend to have a large set of compromises built in, rather like an off the rack suit vs. a custom tailored suit.
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