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    I have an 18' aluminum canoe.
    I want to put new wood and web seats in it.
    So when i do that i would like to move the rear seat forward to help with weight distribution,
    because i weigh #350 and my wife weighs #150 (in the front) and with nothing else in the canoe the bottom tends to flex up.
    Will there be any problem with this?
    I will also have to move the thwarts to accommodate this, will there be a problem with that?

    Thank you
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    It may have an effect on how the boat tracks ,(stays on a straight course when desired), but the turning ability may be enhanced also. Moving the thwarts could effect the strutural integrity of the canoe. I guess it depends on how sturdy the initial build was and on the present condition of the hull. Slightly overbuilding the new seat and possibly adding an extra thwart might be advisable.

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