Can you help identify my boat?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Lone Ranger, Oct 13, 2013.

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    I'm very familiar with the Helson 22 (lots of them in this area and I use to work for Jopie) and that's not it's deck cap, though the hull might be. The Helson 22 had just a hint of a clipper bow and a stub keel, which I can't see well. The transom was cutout like that, but the companionway was centered, not offset. Back in the day we all used and bought each others molds. We'd put a new rig or deck cap on it and call it something else. If it was made in 1974, it should have a complete HIN on the transom, maybe hidden under some putty. It should be in the upper right hand corner, if it's the Helson hull shell mold. Keep up the good work Ranger.
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    Looks "bomb diggity" comfy too.

    You do it right, takes some time...

    Latest project, have done about eight of them, was way more than I had planned (stuff I never figured I would have to do) plus weather took me one season longer. But it was built as planned and safe, we hope, as it should be.

    No point in putting in the time otherwise, is it? And, in a loose sort of analogy, it sort of gives back more, like a pooch that imprints on ya!

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    Hi Lone Ranger

    Do you still have this boat? I am in Ireland and have the Helsen version and have a couple of questions.

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