Can Maxsurf Calculate Bojean's curves?

Discussion in 'Stability' started by samcool111, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. samcool111
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    samcool111 Dr.

    I wonder:
    Can maxsurf softwares be use to calculate Bojean's curves?

    Sometimes, Bojean's curves is needed in Ship design...
  2. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    you cant get Bonjean curve from maxsurf.
    BUt u may get the data from Hydromax as it is mention here in the FAQ
    From that Webpage :
    There is no direct method of bonjean calculation in Hydromax. However it is possible to get sectional area data at selected draughts:

    1. Run an upright Hydrostatics calculation at the required draught and trim.
    2. Go to the results table.
    3. Select each draught in turn and choose "Display | Select view from Data"
    4. Then go to "Window | Graph | Curve of Areas" -- this will bring the curve of areas to the front instead of the upright hydrostatics data, and is only required the first time.
    5. Double click anywhere in the graph window to get the data table.
    6. Copy and paste the first two columns into a spreadsheet.
    7. Then close the dialog, go back to the results table, select the next draught, select "Display | Select view from Data", go back to the graph, double click, select, copy and paste the data -- repeat for each draught.

    If the windows are not maximised, you'll find it easier to switch between the results table and sectional area graph."
  3. samcool111
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    samcool111 Dr.

    Oh, thanks.

    I noticed that. It's very helpful.
    I can calculate the area of each section.
    But sometimes, area moment of each section is included in Bonjean curve.
    Then, how to finish this job?
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