can anyone tell me what this boat is modeled after

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Boston, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Boston

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    I love it already
    find out what they want for it and if its been riffled for fittings or not
    essentially I only want the fittings anyway
    that and to copy the dimensions from and compare them to the Remers prints I already have
    feel free to tell me they just want it out of there
    how far from water are you and will it fit in a container
    IE whats its dimensions
    trailer ?
    pictures ?

    my bet is a shipping container from UK to Denver is about $2000
  2. keith66
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    I saw her two years ago & restoration had been started, she was the sexiest yacht i ever did see, topsides were fair as you like with planking in good condition, below waterline normal steel frame degradation, certainly most of bottom planking needs replacement. the steel ring trames were very bad & need replacing, deck was off, cabin still there.
    Hardly any fittings that could be seen though the "owner" may have them elsewhere. Ballast keel was laying outside, no idea if its still there now with the scrap prices high!
    Dimensions Loa 42'6" beam 9'6" draft5' less with ballast off.
    Thats the good bit. Company doing the work went bust big time & boat was stuck in the barn, Owner didnt pay the rent & Landlord wouldnt release her until rent paid, Owner still claims ownership & as she is likely still a part 1 registered ship still has title if that is so. A real mess. A couple of years ago the landlord dragged her outside so shes out in the weather. Two years ago I estimated proper restoration would cost 70k at least. I have some photos, If you are still interested pm me & i will see If she is still there & what i can do re putting you in touch!
  3. Boston

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    sounds like a mess to me
    had it been a simple abandoned yacht sitting with all its bits and pieces intact then maybe if the price was right and it really was one of these types, but it sounds like a can of worms. Its been scattered everywhere and someone wants there rent money which might just be far in excess of the hulls real value minus fittings, led and so on. Sounds like a nightmare actually.

  4. keith66
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    I fully agree, i would make the prediction that it will shortly be burnt, shame as she is a real beauty. Another one about to bite the dust.
  5. capt_jack
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    Those really are beautiful boats. I tend to like them a bit thicker in the waist and more accommodating but that's not what these were built for. To me part of the visual appeal is that they look like they could have been carved from a single, massive block of wood. They have the beauty of sculptures.
  6. CT 249
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    Nope, it's not a Dragon, which is shorter and has fuller ends, among other things. The forestay position is wrong, for instance. Nor was the Dragon the fastest boat before WW2. 22 squares, 30 squares, 40 squares, Stars, etc were all faster.
  7. steele m.a.
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    steele m.a. Designer/Engineer

    Good on ya then

    Want some assymetric sail hull plans ?
  8. urq
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    5y S10

    Bertil Bothén

    Hjalmar Johansson, Långedrag





    Material Skrov:

    Oregone Pine

    Tidigare båtnamn och ägare:
    1934-37, IONE / IRIS II, Arkitekt Nernst Hanson, Göteborg GKSS
    1937-41 Helsingborg
    1942-46, SENTA, Ivan Lamby, Stockholm KSSS 1949-56, Hans Hummel-Gumælius, Saltsjöbaden
    1957-64, Åke Löfqvist Stockholm VSS
    1964-70, BELINDA, Georg Fælman, Danderyd
    1971-78, VIM / CUTTER, Anette Roxengren, Stockholm, SSS
    1979-87, IONE, Örjan Tollbom, Stockholm SSG
    1987-2004 , IONE, Olle Magnusson, Stockholm ÅSS

    Aktuell ägare:
    Öppna lista... (Endast medlemmar)



    Övrig information:

    Båttypen tillkom genom ett samarbete mellan GKSS och KDY. Regeln antogs 1932. Genom de ganska snäva restriktionerna i regeln blev variationerna mellan de olika båtarna inte så stora. att jämföra med skärgårdskryssarregelns resultat i mycket varierade båtar. I Sverige har byggts cirka 60 båtar mellan 1930 och 1961. De flesta båtarna har konstruerats av Bertil Bothén (25 st). Bland övriga konstruktörer kan nämnas: Gustaf Estlander, Jac Iversen, Tore Holm, Knud Reimers, Arvid Laurin, Harry Becker och Tore Herlin. Den har också kallats idealbåten som glömts bort, troligen beroende på den sparsamma publiciteten båttypen blivit föremål för. Detta enligt en artikel i en båttidning 1948. Under åren i famijljen Magnussons ägo har en hel del renoverats, stålbottenstockar med stålspantens nedre delar, nytt däck i oregon pine samt del av kölplanka, roderstäv, bottenbordläggning och bottenstockar.

  9. julianbeach
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    Oh my goodness!

    I just had to register to reply to this thread!

    I know the 30 Square, Fara, very well indeed, as I learned to sail on her, and in later years crewed on her often in inshore races around Dublin Bay and Howth.

    At the time ('60s, '70s, '80s) she was owned by the late JJ (John Joseph) O'Leary, one time Commodore of the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. He was a co-founder and board member of Aer Lingus, the Irish national airline. When racing, she was skippered by JJ's nephew Michael, a successful businessman in own right, who went on to lead the Irish team in the Admiral's Cup at Cowes, England, in the 1980s.

    A minor historical snippett; aged about 11, I had an afternoon's sailing around the bay on her with JJ and John F Kennedy Junior, who was a year younger than me.

    Here is a photo of JJ at the helm of another vessel....


    As to her seaworthiness, you would probably be ill-advised to take her on offshore races, due to her having only two berths, no galley and no head, but inshore she was unbeatable in the right hands; sleek, stiff and very, very fast.

    Thank you so much, Boston, for posting the photo. It's like meeting up with an old, valued and much-missed friend.

    You've quite made my day!
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