Camo Wraps for Boat Body

Discussion in 'Materials' started by bluboat, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. bluboat
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    bluboat New Member

    Has anyone worked with camo graphics like this...

    I see they have boat kits, motor kits, transom kits, etc...
  2. GTS225
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    GTS225 Junior Member

    Hmmmm.....$225 for a kit that covers only the sides of a jon boat up to 17' Seems rather expensive to me. One could buy quite a few spray cans at Walmart for that same $225.

    Roger......just another opinionated S.O.B.
  3. IMP-ish
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    IMP-ish powerboater

    How long do vehicle wraps last on a boat? 3-4 years maybe? Or a season if the boat is left in the water?
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