Calc. of transition in Boundry Layer??? or thickness'!

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  1. Hi, Im struggling with a problem that requires me to find the position from the leading edge whereupon the flow translates from Laminar to Turbulent, using the Von Karmann integral eqtn/s. Anyone know if this is possible?
    Oh yeah I dont know the free stream speed or the boundry layer speeds. Also can I calculate the momentum and Displacement thickness' not in terms of the boundry layer thickness without knowing the velocities of the profiles??? I have the local Reynolds number at the transition point but dont have the boundry layer vel.?
    Thanks a million!
    Its for a flat plate by the way.
  2. Its for a flat plate by the way.
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    The best starting place is:

    Boundary-Layer Theory - Hermann Schlichting, Klaus Gersten - 2000 - Science - 799 pages

    Good luck,
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