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Discussion in 'Software' started by b1ck0, Sep 17, 2011.

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    I was wondering if someone uses successfully CAE Linux for Boat Design ? I am asking this because I am too tired from all Microsoft Windows versions, because they just suck. I saw that there are a lot of tools in this Linux, which can be involved in the design process.

    So if someone really uses it ... please share some tricks and tips ;)
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    The apps are usually the same whether Linux or Windows so if the app sucks you are stuck. But the specialised CAD world has moved almost entirely to Microsoft OS now.

    I found a good approach was to install a minimal Microsoft OS with all the optional extra's turned off, and have the system as a dedicated CAD PC. With no antivirus or any other resident software running you'll find it's much faster and works well.
  3. Tim B
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    Alternatively, use a powerful Linux box with a 2nd graphics card and virtualise a Windows box, using the 2nd graphics card. Then only install the analysis/CAD packages you absolutely need.

    The other option is to keep the pressure on McNeel and others to develop Linux versions of their software. The 2D CAD world is there, but the 3D CAD world seems lacking.

    I too am fed up with Windows; especially for doing big jobs.

    Tim B.
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