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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by TopSpin80, Jun 3, 2004.

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    I have been looking for CAD blocks for merc engines and drives for quite a while and can't seem find anyone to help. Many people claim to have them, but there is no one can figure out how to send them to me. I am interested in anything boat-related, drives, engines, outboards. I would like the files in .DWG Whenever I get the files I would like to host them on my website so people interested in building boats can have something to go by in design.

    If you have anything or know where I can find them please e-mail to

  2. Tim_Hastie
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    You will not be able to find them in 3D (huge files). only 2d. Most are available on the web sites like cummins..which owns merc deisel. outboards are the same with one exception it is almost impossible to get honda files. I tried for months. gear boxes go to zf marine. you may also have trouble finding .dwg . you need to be looking for .dxf's . then import them in to your cad program.

    Good luck

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    Another good source is the .pdf data sheets. Many engine builders create the drawings on these using vector formats. You can "disassemble" them using something like Adobe Illustrator, and save as .dwg files. Then you just have to open and scale them. Just zoom in really far to see if they are bitmaps or vector.


  4. carlg
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    I have some 2D CAD drawings of Honda outboards. I have gone back through the Honda web site just now and can't find them. 'Don't recall just how I found them.

    They are .DWG files and they range from 9.9HP up to the big 2200cc monster. I couldn't open them with Autocad R14, but could open them with QuickCAD version 8.

    I could e-mail them to someone who could then make them available on the forum (I don't know how to do it).
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