cabin top going from power boat to trailer sailer

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mattoc, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I have a 20’ glass over ply Hartley trailer sailor Im thinking of cutting the cabin at deck level and moving it forward as far as possible where I gave 75ml foot treed on the surrounding deck and creating standing room by putting a Hartley power boat cabin front screen side screen and roof on top I know this will increase windage and that I will have to raise the mast around 75ml but I would rather have comfortable accommodation, and more shelter from the cabin area while sailing. I would like to have a higher and safer boom and move if from 1 meter from the cockpit deck floor to around 1.5 meters so that is safer for children and adults I know this will create a higher aspect rig but I think the safety is more important, Im also thinking if moving the main sheet from the cockpit floor to the top of the new pilot house ,IE similar to naiomi james critter lady with the main sheet traveling forward to the boom vang block and then leading port to the side of the cabin roof and then aft to the port jib winch and clutched beside the port jib clutch. I know this will be heaver but the extra weight of around 50kg virtually creates a standing room cabin of around 2 mtr by 2mtr.

    Any comments ------ what do ya recon------
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    If safety is your concern, raising the rig is not an option. It will increase the heeling moment to the point it may capsize the boat in moderate weather. However, if performance is not so important, you can have the sail cut to be able to raise the boom.
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    Good idea for a motorsailer

    In this months Good Old Boat magazine there's a really great article on making a hard top with real windows for sailing vessels. Might be worth picking up a copy at Barnes and Noble. Shortening the sail is the way to go to preseve stability.
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