Butyl Tape?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by dharmakatra, Dec 1, 2008.

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    I am new to DIY your own boat thing. But want to try to do something new with my down time. I have Been wanting to do some retrofitting for my ports for awhile and been looking online left and right for the proper way. I was just going to use some sealant specially used for yacht but some posts online is making me think twice. There are mentions of butyl tape that I can buy in RV shops that is better for the boat and offers better water protection. Anyone ever use this product before? Does it really work? Thanks
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    Butyl tape is tar like, and is used for vacuum infusion for sealing the air bags air-tight. It never becomes hard and is super tachy. Sticks to everything and can be cleaned with laquer thinners which seems to dissolves it.

    During a recent hail storm I saw the ice (coldness) stiffened the butyl tape, and when hit by the hail it shattered.
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    Butyl tape is used almost universally on RV windows & door frames. My uncle had a 1920's vintage Ford Model T that used it on the windows and when I last saw it in the late 90's the stuff was still like new. I intend to use it to seal my portlights.
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