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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by genuinemarine, Mar 16, 2004.

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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    I agree with Tim 100% too.
    "..China the top choiche for building the quality yachts..."
    Excessive... ! China shipyards build cheep, sure for wellknown reason...
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    Reply from Genuine Marine

    Hi, Guys,

    The only reason that I did not reply to the posts is that I have not checked for a long time. Now I am back and well prepared for any discussion here.

    First of all, as a Chinese I admit that like anywhere else there are good boatyards and bad boatyards in China. There are quite a lot of things the China yacht industry has to do in the future and has to learn in the terms of management, building technology, business philosophy and so no. However things here are improving. After all China is still developing country.

    We do not want to grab all the boat contracts into China and China could not handle all these. I think what we are doing here is to promote the industry here so that we could build a better boats for not just you guys abroad but also for the Chinese people.

    Normbaker, your stories here look very interesting and however before I answer your question could you please identify yourself first? If you want anybody here believe what you have said here it might be better to let us know who you are and where you are. I might be able to get some of our mutual friends aboard such as Paul, Len and maybe the designer who have checked the lamination schedule of your boats so that everybody here could know the whole story. Now I am getting my head out of the sand now and will you show your face?

    Chickadee, thanks a lot for kind offer in our website and honestly I am very busy right now and could not offer any time on the construction of our website. However I will definite get it started soon and please wait and see.

    The fault in our website is mine not the website.

    Thanks and your comments are welcome.

    Yours truly
    James Georgechen
    Genuine Marine Ltd
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    Dc I really think that you should surf the net and check out what China is up to, you must have been under a rock for the last 10 yrs,no insult intended:)

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    interested in yacht

    Dear genuinemarine,

    Im interested in yacht, and i want to know more if i can please contact you by your e-mail or u can e-mail me at ( ) :(
    Thank you and best regards !
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