Bunk sizes for racing keelers

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SloopJohnB, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. SloopJohnB
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    SloopJohnB Junior Member

    I am throwing around some ideas for a 30 foot keeler for racing shorthanded.

    I can not find any minimum bunk size requirements in the OSR, only to be permanent, can anyone help me with some diemensions.
  2. longliner45
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    longliner45 Senior Member

    make the boat for what it is ,,a racer ,,,,,crew can sleep on the bottom deck ,,you will save weight by not building bunks , or other trivial things ,,,,,,,race to win ,,play for keeps ,,if not ,get out cause others are infor keeps,,,,good luck ..longliner
  3. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

    SloopJB, dunno about sizes but how tall are you & crew,& often crew in a bunk against the hull sides weight is further outboard(to windward thing) than rail sitting & safer too. Regards from Jeff.
  4. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    The minimum size necessary for a 90 percentile man is 72" long by 22" wide by 22" above the pad. Pad should be 2" deep. The foot can taper to about 15" from the middle and the last foot or so the height can go down to ~12".

    Oh, and anyone that sleeps in one of those will curse you immortal soul to damination!

  5. longliner45
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    longliner45 Senior Member

    I have always thought the best place to sleep is on the deck , ( inside not out),lowest center of gravity ,,less motion ,,,,,and close to the radio,,a good nights sleep = well preformance the next morning,,mark my words ,,someone will take advantage of this and build a lighter faster boat ,,same thing in designing commercial fishing boats ,,in the early years ,you placed the icebox on the deck ,because you had a shaft going from engine to prop,,,in the latter days you put the icebox in thecenter of gravity an used stearn drive out boards or outdrives,,you could work harder longer and had some feul economy,,now (racing boats) if its not about the race ,,pitch it ,sailors are tough and dont mind putting a blanket on the deck ,if you are concerned about comfort ,,you will come in comfortably ,,,,,second,,,,,,,longliner
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