building in south africa...any suggestions?!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by nunzioluka, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. nunzioluka
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    nunzioluka Junior Member


    if i was thinking about buying the drawings of a berckemeyer 43 CLIPPER (aluminium) and find the way to build it in southafrica what would you say?

    is it a good idea? not? anybody can help me to figure out costs, savings (in comparisons with a european shipyard), and etc?!

    thank you for your help!

  2. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    build in steel and get Wynand to do it
    he is a grand master
  3. Butch .H
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    Butch .H Senior Member

    Aluminium Yacht Builders

    Luca contact G-Wind Marine at

  4. multihullsailor
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    multihullsailor Junior Member

    Hello Luca,

    You could start and try to contact Craig at G-Wind Marine on cellphone 0027836251079 or the factory at tel. 0027317004525, fax 0027317002908, they construct aluminium vessels and spars. I would think you will be able to save between 30-50% compared to European costs, depending on the amount of work you might want to do yourself / have done under your supervision and also on the amount of imported equipment.

  5. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    off course I work in aluminum as well if required. Done so in the past. Luca, PM or email me and we can discuss a details.

    Actually busy now with a DIX 43 for a client from China and this boat can be viewed elsewhere on this forum.
  6. Bullshipper
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    Bullshipper Bullshipper

    Spain is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to produce in so I doubt if you will save that much after logistics and import taxes. Alloy material will be 50% of the cost, so it you save 30% the other 50% for labor and profit, that is still only adds up to a 15% discount that can easily be eaten by transportation and warranty issues.

    Plus it will be a pain to inspect perdiodically IMO.

    I contract fab around the world, and currently favor Mexico over Africa due to quality and delivered price to the USA, europe and asia, but I do not doubt that there are good ship builders in SA that might be the exception with large steel hulls where the cost of the material is lower compared to labor and profit.

  7. nunzioluka
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    nunzioluka Junior Member

    thank you!


    thanks to all of you for your reply,

    Wynard, i'm going to contact you by private message.

    Bullshipper: thank you for your doubts, i will make some more research about costs in Spain comparing with SA...

    By the way, i leave you with an interesting web page about a new spanish/ french aluminium shipyard i have found in the web:, the A43 looks very nice! That's curious, an ocean vessel built close to Madrid, in the middle of the mountains...

    Fair winds,

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