Building a sports fisher from a 6mtr Pelin Hull.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Rick76, May 11, 2010.

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    Hi ya,
    Would like some disscussion and advice on my new build.
    Shes a 6mtr Fiberglass Pelin Hull, drive is a 28T volvo penta sterndrive being pushed by a 350 marinised chev (petrol).
    The hull is being stripped back to bare.
    I need to build the entire upper deck and cabin, hull supports and pilothouse.
    I want to mid mount the engine and raise the floor giving the driveshaft plenty of room.
    First of all ... Has anyone got any advice on removing the last of the top deck? Its soft in the stern and has to come off the hull.
    There are screw and bolts on the underside but they a in bad condition. I was thinking of drilling the them out, unsure as how to seperate the wood away from the hull without stressing the fiberglass..?? is there a solvent or something to use???
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    Pelin Hulls


    Sounds like you have your hands full with that project... I know what it's like, I just spent three months fully restoring a classic Pelin 5.3 ski / fishing boat.

    Without seeing any photos of your project, I am going to suggest removing all the old timber with a grinder and chisel, carefully of course. If you have any photos post them so I can be more specific with advise if you need /want it.

    All the best.
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