Building a Reefer Box with Aerogel

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by brian eiland, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    I was having a hard time finding the proper heading to place this refrigeration subject under, so I settled for this general design heading, rather than pigeon-holing it over on some unrelated heading.

    Lots of our boats have some sort of refrigeration installed on them, and many need redoing. I found this subject thread on another forum VERY interesting with lots of practical examples, and some good photo installations
  2. SheetWise
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    It's hard to tell what standard they're using for R-value, and other sources list a range for Aerogel at between 10-30 per inch (U.S.) -- and nowhere could I find if R-value per inch is additive. Sure is interesting stuff though.
  3. SheetWise
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    Aerogel is many things -- a generic term. There is an open source project, and you can make your own. This is an interesting research item ...
  4. WestVanHan
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    I've wanted to fool around with aerogels...the prices have dropped like crazy the last few years,and vac. panels are a great method as well.

    Would be an interesting project to make small boxes of various layers and measure the temperature drops in each one....modern wireless temp. senders could go right into the box,and would be no opening of the boxes to foul up the readings.
    Data would go right onto a laptop and could be charted.
  5. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    They can be used for many things. Interesting...

  6. upchurchmr
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    We have been using them on a military aircraft for insulation in the Engine bay. They are very light, but need a coating to keep them intact, but now are being damaged since there is some airflow that is higher than planned.

    The ice box where it would be encapsulated and not in danger of being bashed sounds like a good use.
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