Building a Floating House (camp)

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by jdehart, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Hey there,

    I posted about a year ago and since then we have managed to finish the trusses that will connect our floats to the “house” part of the floating house. We ended up going with 12 sock floats that are 4’ x 8’ x 32”. At half submersion they will hold around 29,000 pounds. My question now is...How tall can I go with the structure? Our base will be 22’ wide x 50’ long with the house portion being 16’ wide x 32’ long. The house will be 12’ off of the front and 6’ off of the back so it is not centered on the 22’x50’ deck. There is a loft over the rear and I’m trying to figure out how high I can go with my roofline. Any help, thoughts, recommendations are welcome!!

    I have attached a picture of the trusses that the floats will be bolted to.

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    I think you went overboard on those trusses but whatever, sounds like your leaving plenty of setback, just keep all the heavy stuff down low, water, fuel, batteries, appliances.
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    Wow, you need some serious engineering, which wouldn't be an on the fly type of thing.
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