Building a CMD LC24 in aluminum

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by michaels100, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Building a CMD LC24 in aluminum. Hello I am gong need some help with this project and be great full for all the advice that I can get. This boat is designed to be built from plywood epoxy composite but I want to build it from aluminum. I have never built a boat before and probably wont build another one after this. I purchased Dave Gerr's book, The Elements of Boat Strength and plan to apply the scantling formulas from the book along with a self modified version of the plans that I purchased from CMD . I think that I will loft her up per plans and then adjust for the scantling differences from wood to metal. So what do you think? How many red flags have I raised? Thanks, M. Smith
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    CMD LC24 in aluminum

    Yes that a good example of differences from wood to aluminum.
    I should have provided more information on the boat here is a link to the designers description
    I spent a lot of time looking for a boat that will meet my needs and this is as close as I found. I will be retiring soon and money will be tight so fuel efficiency is of the utmost importance. I believe that the 1GM10 is a bad choice, I think a Beta 25 will be more reliable and probably more efficiency. The plans calls for 250 to 500Lbs of ballast in the lower forward keel, this is my window in weight differences so as I use it up the center of gravity will move. How much and how important will it be? I can do with out the covered top aft of mid ship if I had to. Thanks, M. Smith

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    The Kubota/Beta is a much nicer engine than the little Yanmar, smooth and quiet throughout the RPM range while the Yanmar is a thumper except at a couple of spots. Vibration/noise can be a problem in aluminum boats.

    It will take 650 pounds to put this boat down 1" in salt water, so the exact amount of ballast should not be an issue.
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