Build a plug and mold instead of stripplanking

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by tommymonza, May 5, 2014.

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    redreuben redreuben

    Strip planking.

    Tommy, not sure which threads now but I have described my fast method of strip planking as taught to me by a pair of kiwis on here several times.
    I think it might suit your way of doing things perfectly.
    Pm me if it interests you.

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    Aussiebushman thanks for the lead on the Paulownia

    I found a mill that sells it for 6 bucks a board ft about the same price as balsa core,

    Any ways after doing some research I find that is quite a invasive species here in the U. S. so on to plan G

    Load up the van and grab my 35 foot Alumnum triple axle boat trailer and head East to deforest this invasive species from the U.S.

    I used to be in the tree trimming removal business years ago so her I can go again.

    I can probably get a government grant to remove them and than acquire the wood to start a government funded catamaran boat building program to teach unskilled over educated kids a skill .

    After I get the little Rats to build the boats than I will create a sailing program fully funded by the goverment to teach them how to sail and survive.

    On the phone with D Presidente right now .


    Holy Enviromenentalist check out this site

    We will soon all have enough wood to build a strip plank Titannic Replica of course it will have to be 2 hulls . Cats all the way baby.
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