Build a boat to sail around the world

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Capt_Teedge, Mar 22, 2012.

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    You dont mention a budget that I can see? Round the world nonstop has been done by quite a few trimarans now so theres no reason you cant do that as well. If your boats slow it will take longer and you will need more stores, fuel and tankage.

    The Cross 45r is a nice looking boat that might do the trick as well not much detail on the site says its displacement is 11,000lb's you would expect some payload for that also no detail on construction method I'd expect foam sandwich looking at the hull shapes but it could be cold mold or strip plank.
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    Comments on the Cross 45R: Displacement = 11,000 lbs. What's the weight of the hull, rigging, sails, engine, watermaker, spare parts, odds and ends and yourself?

    You should start by contacting Cross and asking about load capacity.

    I wasn't joking when I said you won't be able to do it in such a small boat. You need to add up your food and gear before you even think about taking an 11,000 lb displacement boat around the world non-stop.

    You will have no way to carry the amount of food you need to survive.

    Talk to Cross and find out real numbers.
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    Les Powles did 28,496 miles nonstop in 329 days, averages out to just under 87 nm per day. Your distance is going to be pretty much the same so what's your target time for getting around? Divide that into the distance and that'll give you the target mileage you need to average to do it.

    A boat is a tool for accomplishing a task. You've roughed out the task - the circumnavigation. You haven't defined the boundaries yet except that you're not interested in taking a year to do it and you don't want a monohull and you want to build the boat yourself.

    Time determines stores. Stores determines weight. Weight determines boat displacement at waterline length to meet target speed. Catbuilder doesn't think your choice is up to carrying what you will need to take. You need to lay a few more numbers on the table, I think.


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    well, i would like to do it in under 200 days, but then again the shorter the better. in decent winds id like to be making 7 kts or better. when possible i plan to sail her hard and fast. I realize that in some areas ill be going slower and in some areas i'll be goin faster but that is the minimum id like to average. hope this helps with y'alls suggestions. thanks for all the help so far.
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