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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by oldsailor7, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. oldsailor7
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    oldsailor7 Senior Member

    I don't see why the slightly lower Amas would affect performance except perhaps when tacking in very light wind conditions and not much even then.
  2. outside the box

    outside the box Previous Member

    Tramp measurements

    Hi Skipper
    The attached picture with measurement description might help you out.
    If you want to see anything else about an extensive rebuild modification upgrades and finally a folding test mule Buc 24' then check out the link it is open to the public so you do not have to join face book, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.370037386402909.84395.212821925457790&type=3
    if you would like a scan of any plan sheet you are missing to help you out just message and we will scan one of our plan sheets being an original that came with the boat when we purchased it.
    Regards from
    New Zealand

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  3. SkipperGS
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    SkipperGS Junior Member

    I thank you all for your helpful comments and suggestions. I will certainly take advantage of the Ezifold offer of scans of some of the plan sheets that I am missing. I can see that before long I will need to replace both the port side float deck (between the crossarms) and the port main cabin side.
    Being an old construction built with no frills, I may have bitten off more than I can chew! But now with your assistance I am sure that I'll manage.
    My Buc Rio has no 'sidewalk' alongside the cabin as shown on my tattered sheet 6. Maybe an aluminium plank could be laid and fastened over the new webbing to facilitate safe transit.
    I keep talking about webbing (automotive seat harness) because it is readily available here and has an excellent UV resistance. To import other suitable material will treble its original USD or Euro cost, and local micro-pierced material has a short life-span as I know from my previous 'Tango 37' (image).
    Another difference - she has a hinged centreboard (image) instead of a daggerboard. But it is so stiff that the control lines don't work any more. Probably a build-up of too much paint.

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  4. Tom.151
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    Not trying to be a wise guy... search out a wholesale supplier to the local fishing industry. They might have a variety of net styles and weights. I did and found great 1.5" knotted netting for my trimaran nets and was very happy (they were also very cheap and very UV resistant)

    Might also be due to swelling of the wood in the board or even the case due to water getting inside.
  5. SkipperGS
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    SkipperGS Junior Member

    Nets and Swollen Ply

    Thanks Tom.
    Although Jurujuba is a fishing village (the largest colony in Rio State) they are small vessels using light seining nets or hand lines. But I'll take a look around on the web and in town.
    Concerning the sticky centreboard, I've been trying to ignore the possibility of swollen plywood!
  6. outside the box

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  7. basil
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    Outside the Box,

    You say "we have updated the website to include the work being undertaken on the Buc test mule"

    Doesn't show a whole lot - then again it shows nothing at all. Are you sure its not all smoke and mirrors?

  8. outside the box

    outside the box Previous Member

    Basil, Basil, Basil
    If you are going to make a quote regarding our post then at least show intelligence and make sure it is the correct unedited quote……. just so you understand!!!!!!
    The correct quote was
    "For those of you interested we have updated the website to include the work being undertaken on the Buc test mule at

    Happy New Year everyone"

    Simply stating for those who wanted to look we had put up a page on the website now (there wasn’t one prior for the Buc) with the latest updates! One would have thought such an intelligent chap as yourself would have worked the “for those who are interested” bit out. If not interested don’t look simple really…..
    The updates of build, demolition, chop and channel etc always have and always will be at the face book site it just keeps the clutter off the website for design detail etc.
    We also clearly state at the website

    EZIFOLD YACHTS – has created a product.
    We are not a boat-building yard, we are an entity that proposes it’s own design's, it's models and then builds them. From the very beginning we have concentrated on creating our own product.

    In a nutshell by virtue of the statement, we do not build for others we do all products our way, with our staff and our money in our time any way we choose as it is our product....... When we feel like it we offer our tested developed products out there.

    If and when we choose to put anything else to market we will be sure to ask your advice...
    Have a great year we sure will be, mirrors smoke and all ;-)

    Now back on topic that being the Great little Trimaran that is the Buc 24 :)
  9. outside the box

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    Back on track

    The year has started in the workshop with a bang.
    Just as a happy New Year to someone wanting to but who possibly couldn't afford to, or anyone already building a Buc 24 in NZ or about to start, we have sails, cabin as depicted, beams cut at demount points and (alloy)splices, mast, boom, dagger board and case, rudder and case and a heap of other bits and odds and sods probably everything but floats and hull, with plans that could give you a head start, PM for more details.
    It is looking more like Bbs now but only for as long as it takes the guys to turn her over graft the new undersides in forward and aft and then she is back over in the slings again and work gets onto the new beams, photo's are over at the FB site as usual for those interested.

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  10. bruceb
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    bruceb Senior Member

    less is more?

    OTB, It is sort of fun on here to congratulate you on how much of your boat you have removed :D
    But, since you have done it, about how much does the cabin weigh?
    Nice progress.
  11. outside the box

    outside the box Previous Member

    Hi Bruce
    I couldn't weigh it as the scales are at the workshop and the boat has been at home so some work could continue while my health was sorted out, took two guys a reasonable lift so maybe 40kgs it is everything excluding the hull so a guess at best.
    The next stage is getting the underwater sections done this is going to be very interesting but is important to fit in as the test mule it was purchased to be it is also working out as a training platform for a new staff member as if they make a mistake they will learn quite fast how to scarf the repair in :)
    Hope your Buc 24 isn"t being neglected now you have the new Big brother.
  12. bruceb
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    bruceb Senior Member

    too many Bucs

    I admit my 24 is not getting any attention this winter. I usually have it out of the water during our freezing season, and it is (and dry and covered :)), but the 33 is getting all the off season work. Bigger boats need larger amounts of work :(, and it is a LOT larger. My new slip looks really empty- I need to get one of them back in the water soon.
  13. outside the box

    outside the box Previous Member

    Spoke to the guys today they think 60 to 65 kgs for the weight of the cabin not 40kg as I had thought etc.
  14. Headharbor
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    amas deck camber at beams

    Hi All,
    Can someone with ready access to the B24 plans please look up the deck camber height at the forward and aft beams? I am replacing my deck to beam connection in hopes of making mount/demounting easier each season.

    Does the beam 'kiss' the top of the deck as pictured in the B28 plans (see attached)?

    On removal, I estimated my aft beams were 3/4" lower than the outboard deck and the forward beam was 1.5".

    Thanks in advance,
    B24 #174

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  15. bruceb
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    bruceb Senior Member


    Carl, I will check my plans sometime later today, but as I remember, the forward deck crown was "about" 1" in the middle, and the bottom of the beam almost/does touch the deck. The aft beam on my boat and most others I have seen has a couple of inches clearance at the deck middle which has the same crown as forward. Most all of the 24s will have redecked/repaired floats, so that is just a guide line. On the "stock" boats, crossbeam joint wear can cause the forward beam to droop some at the ends, and I think rebuilds often extend the rear beam saddles to help level the float. I have adjusted my float trim up and down some, and I think it works best with the floats very slightly bow down or level compared to the main hull. I try to keep my forward beam/float as high as possible to allow the windward float to clear the water in light air. The angled beam puts the floats at about a four degree "tilt" outboard when mounted square to the beam. A few degrees more would probably be even better (7 1/2 degrees total ??). My 33 is designed like that, and some new tris use as much as 10 degrees. The float decks on the 33 are angled to help keep them more level when sailing.
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