Buccaneer 24, Buccaneer 28 and now Buccaneer 33 plans are also now to be available.

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by outside the box, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Buccaneer 33


    She look great! - Here is a picture of "soon to be mine" Sagras....Note outboard rudder - swing up style which I'm thrilled with. Outboard was also moved to the transom which helps maneuverability immeasurably according to the owner but the boat clearly is stern trim down. Previous location was along side with an access door from the cabin. I may relocate....but probably not this season. Swim ladder. Clearly close to the main hull would be my preference and I get your point about the transom esp in waves. I'll prob be hanging a crappy one over a ama or use the flop into the inflatable then transfer...but I'd like a quality ladder. Tell me more about speed..if its blowing 15-18 what will your boat do? Assuming reasonably flat water and reaching no spin. I'm told the mainsail isn't original and a bit short...Do you subscribe to a bridle method to anchor/moor?


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    "New" 33

    I like your outboard rudder, and since you will be sailing in "thin" water, it is a really good idea. Just make sure you have a way to hold it ALL the way down. I expect the transom mounted engine does help control. I have a side mount engine that I can link to the tiller which helps, but a crosswind can still overpower mine at low speeds.
    Powered up jib/main reaching will give you 12-15 kts without over pressing the Buc, but it will keep your attention. You definitely want to be able to release sheets if it starts to bury the lee float. The Buc's don't lift off and semi plane like a Corsair so the top speeds are lower, but the Buc's are very good upwind, are fast in light air and also seem to handle waves pretty well. Mine is very well balanced and only requires very light pressure on the tiller.
    I like a full size main on these boats, it helps keep them balanced and they can handle the power. If you have much wind/current where you anchor, a bridle helps keep the boat stable, but like many multis, they still will hunt around some.
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    12-15 is just perfect. I'd heard that when the float goes under it's time to reef! Good advice!

    I'm guessing I will have my shakedown on the delivery home. The current owner is planning to bring it boat a third of the way north and I'm hoping for a smooth transition!
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    She looks very nice Time2tri. Looking forward to more pics and news on how she handles.
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    I've just skimmed back through the thread and was wondering if the bucc 28 plans ever became available ? I followed a link to facebook but it just showed my page ?

    I've got a set of 24 plans bought from OS7 but it's really a bit small...

    Are there any bucc 28 pages on the interweb with photos or specs ? how much does a 28 weigh ?
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    Corley epoxy coated

    The restored plans are available through ezifold:


    Reuben's scanned plans are on his mediafire account:

    https://www.mediafire.com/folder/aaltgc3owsb1u//Buccaneer 28
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    redreuben redreuben

    There is a link to the plans in the Bucc 28 thread.
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    Thank you very much. I had forgotten about the B28 thread. The B24 thread seemed to go on forever then this one popped up.

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    Thanks for the listing post Corley

    People who have purchased the 28' plans have also purchased the Privateer 8.5 beams plans also so one can only assume there should be some 28' Buccaneer being built somewhere in the future.

    Plans are not listed on the website but can be purchased by emailing me on admin@ezifoldyachts.com

    Jessica and the admin team at Ezifold Yachts LTD

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