Buccaneer 18 Experience ???

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by upchurchmr, May 16, 2017.

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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    Any knowledge about the boat would be appreciated.
    Flaws, potential damage spots.

    I've read thru the history and scanned the "tuning" guide.

  2. messabout
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    That is a fun boat that I have crewed on a few times. It goes well, not like an FD or a racer of that sort but it is no sluggard. Fairly comfortable, has a tall mast that is not much fun to erect and remove as in the case of a trailered boat. I survived a falling mast crash one time. Missed my head by only a few inches. That event was not a fault of the boat but the fault of the owner who was not big on routine maintenance. I choose not to crew for him anymore. Nice guy but sloppy boat husbandry. As I recall, the intrusive centerboard case was a pain for the crew when in a tacking duel. That goes with the territory and is not a legitimate beef. If you can get a Buccaneer 18 cheap enough, do it.
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