Briggs & Stratton 5 hp outboard

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Raftman1979, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Raftman1979
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    Raftman1979 Junior Member

    I'm considering buying a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton outboard. They're $700 or $800 new, sold at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, etc. I don't know anything about them. I'm pretty sure they use a standard vertical shaft push mower engine and that they don't exhaust underwater.

    Can anybody who owns one of these things tell me if they're worth the price?
  2. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    i was told that they are going out of production because volumes were too low

    rather stick to well known makes mercury yamaha etc.
  3. Butch .H
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    Butch .H Senior Member

    Briggs & Stratton are known as Breek en Staan in SA:p
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  4. TollyWally
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    TollyWally Senior Member

    Fresh water only, and even so it's a step backwards from a clean used conventional outboard. LOL my opinion, worth price paid! good luck with what ever your choice ends up being.
  5. Raftman1979
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    Raftman1979 Junior Member

    I don't need a salt-water engine. I live in Illinois. Marketing info I've read say they're supposedly good for muddy water. They're air-cooled, so they don't have water intakes down by the prop. My dad and I blew his 40 horse Mercury when seaweed blocked the intake.

    I'm familiar with Briggs & Stratton engines, as I grew up with go-karts and minibikes, and the old man didn't chip in one cent, so I found myself putting engines together with parts from several broken ones quite often. I figure I can rebuild a Briggs engine in my sleep. And since these engines are used on so many things, parts can easily be found.

    It's the lower units I know nothing about. I'm wondering if Briggs & Stratton builds it's lower units here in the USA or if they import garbage from China and just bolt their engines to it.
  6. MattZ
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    They're cheap, at the expense of noise. Do you really want your lawn mower engine like four feet from your ears? A rather ill contrived idea if you ask me.
  7. ondarvr
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    ondarvr Senior Member

    I think the air cooled part in very muddy or weedy water would be the only reason you "might" even consider one.

    Loud, vibrate a great deal, relatively low quality, short lived, warning says not to troll with it and these are the good points. You could get an excellent used brand name small outboard for the same or less money. People sometimes say that these small B&S motors last a long time because they've had the same mower for 8 to 10 years. Think about it, it gets used for an hour or so once a week during less than half the year, that's maybe 20 hours per year. It doesn't take long for them to start smoking and using oil, this means it’s wearing out. Small outboards seem to last almost forever with even minimal care, I have a 6HP from the late 60's that runs great and is light years ahead of a B&S in quality and technology. I may troll with it for 10 hours a day, so in two days of use it would have the same number hours as what's put on mower in year, it's been used that way since new.
  8. spare parts
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    spare parts Junior Member

    im reading a lot of OPINIONS on this thread but not a single fact.
    I am currntly running a 11 hp briggs on my own boat i built the outboard using the lower unit off a 7.5 hp johnson.
    Me and my wife took a voayge ojn summer vaction with it from Tampa to fort meyers..allmost 180 miles the route we took.
    that thing never fliched sputtered or poped once the whole time I even made my exaust out of stainless and it goes undewater so its considerably less noisy than many outboards ive run for clean running ..being its air cooled four stroke it doesnt use oil in the gas so it burns clean and nearly all the briggs made int the last 10 years have had to meet EPA standards.
    as for reliablity it has proven to me beyond dought i would crank it up for any voyage without dout or reserve and it gets excellent economy and parts are available in every corner of the world without the huge marine industry markup prices. i even went a step further wih my home made out board and belt dirve a 60 amp car alternator whick now i can use a inverter on my battery to drive a small air conditoner and a full computer system for GPS and fishing finders and and many other 110v needs that one would never ever find on another 20 ft cuddy cabin.
  9. spare parts
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    spare parts Junior Member

    yea and i dont type well......the point is the motor not my typing skills
  10. troy2000
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    troy2000 Senior Member

    I have an old commercial belt-drive reel mower, with a horizontal-shaft, 4.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. I've hung onto it for years, figuring that someday I'll use the engine as inboard power for a boat.
  11. Tug
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    Tug Junior Member

    Very loud exhaust.....
    Vibrates like crazy....wont be able to feel anything from the elbows down after 20 min....
    I tried to blow one up so i could get a new different one...they are tuff...
    The exhaust goes into the boat in the right wind conditions making all the people and stuff smell like the inside of a muffler...
    Buy a real outboard...
    Suzuki is the best deal for the price....yamaha, then mercury...
  12. ondarvr
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    ondarvr Senior Member

    Everything I stated was a fact, they vibrate, are loud, it says in the manual not to troll (run at low RPMs) and they are not designed to run (last) for nearly as many hours as a brand name outboard. So other than the air cooled part being possibly better for very dirty and muddy water, I see no advantage in buying one. I have also read the reviews of people who own them, they support everything I said and are typically looking to sell it and buy a real OB.
  13. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    This post was from 2008 when they dumped the B&S outboard. They seem to have vanished completely.
  14. pistnbroke
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    pistnbroke I try

    Well I got one and I love it .....if you rev it up out of the water and it goes over 4000 rpm the rev limiter cuts in and it sounds like it misses dont panic ...on the water its great ..they still seem to be availabe new ....the lower leg is made by B and S and is only for fresh water because it does not have any anodes on it ...let me know if I can give more information.

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  15. Robbo
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    LOL-thats probably valve bounce not a rev limiter, unless its more sophisticated than any other B&S Ive seen! Top motors though.
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