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    At 3DCLOUD STUDIO, we provide a wide range of 3D Print and CG Modeling Design Services. Over the pass ten years, we have helped company, artist, fashion designer, architect, and engineer around the world in 2D to 3D conversion from sketches, drawings, blueprints, or photo concepts into impressive, high-quality 3D & CAD models that are suitable for 3D printing, visualization rendering, and precise CNC manufacturing purpose. Your ideas are always confidential with us at every stage using our advanced cloud based collaboration platform. Zero up-front consultant cost to get any project started !
    Popular list of our services include:
    3D Print And Product Prototype Design
    . 2D To 3D digital material conversion from photo or sketch.
    . 3D Modification from existing file.
    . CAD Drafting for new product development.
    . 3D Print Design for rapid prototyping production.
    . Texture design for full color 3D printing.
    . Mesh reconstruction for 3D Scanned data.
    . Packaging Design prototype in 3D assembly view.

    - Visualization Photo Rendering
    . Realistic Product Rendering for visualization and simulation.
    . Architecture and building walk-around rendering from CAD format.
    . Interior Design planning in 3D from sketch idea or referenced images.
    . High-definition Marketing and Advertising content creation.
    . 3D Billboard Ads visual rendering simulation.

    - CG Game Development
    . CG Character Design from sketch.
    . Environment and assets for in-game interface development
    . Low poly 3D modeling and texturing.
    . High poly character development

    Please visit our Studio Website at or contact us at about your project.
    Checkout some of our creations at:

    Our professional 3D engineers and artists can help you complete any digital project at affordable cost and minimal time consumption. Let us transform your idea to the third dimensional world with ease !
    Where 3D Models Come to Live!
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