Bridge Visibility Criteria

Discussion in 'Stability' started by mtht110, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Is it possible to check the Navigation Bridge Visibility Criteria (Solas CH-V Reg 22) by Bentley Maxsurf Stability during checking the large angle stability in different load case? I didn't find any criteria about this.
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    This is not a criterion of stability so that no application beholder.
    Perhaps the international COLREG say something about it.
    The simple rule is that visibility from the bridge must not have a "dark area" longer than the ship's length.
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    It is an ergonomic requirement, not a stability requirement.

    Thus you just need to comply with the minimum and maximum angles, heights, distances etc. as laid down in the reg.
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    Visibility criteria

    Hi T.Hoque

    Generally the criteria checked is :-

    Blind Zone should not exceed 'Two times ship length' or '250 m' which ever is lesser should not be violated.

    This is as per COLREG.
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    Hi T.Hoque

    Sorry there is correction in above post.


    IMO Resolution A.708(17) - Navigation Bridge Visibility and Functions - (adopted on 6 November 1991) - Annex - Guidelines on Navigation Bridge Visibility states:

    The view of the sea surface from the conning position should not be obscured by more than two ship lengths, or 500 m, whichever is less, forward of the bow to 10° on either side irrespective of the ship’s draught, trim and deck cargo

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