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    Position: Brand Manager
    Start date: Soon as possible
    Country: Hong Kong

    1. To manage the marketing and sales of yachts in all company offices.

    2. To maximize sales of yachts in all parts of the Territories

    3. To prepare and implement a marketing plan in order to raise the profile of the brand throughout Asia.

    4. To keep expenditure within the budgeted levels.

    5. To assist other brokers with the sale of yachts to their clients.

    6. To ensure that all offices have adequate stocks of sales material, brochures, technical specifications, DVDs etc at all times.

    7. To ensure that all yachts sold to clients in the Territory are delivered and maintained in the best possible condition.

    8. To ensure that every owner of a yacht is happy with his yacht and happy with the service he receives from the company.

    9. To maintain cordial relations with the shipyard at all times.

    If you are interested in this position, send your contact details and Cv to:
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