BOUNTY sinking

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    This seems like a good report and finding to me. Sometimes it sounds a bit "basic" in describing conditions or outfitting/repairs, but it would be hard to reach any other conclusion.

    I read this as someone who sailed on a tall ship* and was responsible for overseeing the rigging on the vessel. From that perspective, I think that everyone understood the risks and decided to take them. For me one of the main reasons for getting involved with a tall ship was the "adventure" of it all and that entails risk. It was just part of the gig. This got out of hand, a couple killed and several injured, but really just part of the job.

    As far the the seaworthyness (if that's a word) of the vessel. It had been all over the place and performed adequately for 50 years. It had some problems with rot that should have been addressed but with limited funds you can't fix everything, all the time, to keep a vessel like this in perfect condition.

    My only question would be why the captain tacked west in front of the storm instead of continuing out to sea.

    So, I guess it comes down to one dead** ( you can't really count the captain ) and a bunch of people who had an experience that will stay with them forever. Good or bad, its a story.

    *Friends Gooodwill- Now at South Haven Michigan. I sailed it across Lake Erie and part of Lake Michigan on it's maiden voyage.

    ** I don't know anything about her or her family's feelings so I don't mean to take that lightly
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