Bought a sailboat with no markings or info to bear.

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by TheSkipperC, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Hey all! So, I've been doing payments on what I was told a 28 footer, and apparently 1 of only 50 made. And so far I haven't been able to locate ANY distinguishable markings of any type. I'm planning on doing some further investigating on the next sunny morning. I'm not what you would call wealthy. Well actually, I wouldn't even say that the budget I'm working with is sustainable for most. However, I'm used to going hungry or without various essentials to be able to manage my projects. And For the last 3+ years I've only been able to dream of accomplishing my life's goals. Which, getting a sailboat and adventuring is on the top of he list. So I came a cross this deal through my buddy Alex. They wanted 4 grand for this "28footer" on a trailer. So I asked, "would you the payments?" Because there's no way in hell I'd realistically be able to afford it otherwise. And sailboats are hard to find in my neighborhood. And what's even more absurd is that I'd only seen the thing out at their farm twice in the entire time before it was delivered to my property a month and some change ago. So I said screw it, the worst can always happen. But maybe it won't happen to me? So I took the plunge and let the flow of the universe steer. So now I am just waiting for my poor friend to be finished going through a house full of his recently departed dads belongings to find the paperwork. So basically, in an effort to at least try and figure it out for myself I've been hitting the forums and posting the few pictures that I have on hand and readily available. Please let me know if you think you may have any useful information. Also, my apologies if this isn't the proper place for a post like this.


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    The galley looks like it is nicely done, to a reasonable standard - but it doesn't really look like a typical production boat galley (similarly the painted bulkheads), hence I am wondering if it was bought as a set of mouldings (this was very popular in the 70's and even the 80's) for completion by the owner?
    There might have originally been a Builder's identification plate on the transom (or the number might have been engraved - I presume that the hull is fibreglass?) but this has probably disappeared now.
    Does she have a spade rudder, or is it supported on a skeg? The large photo suggests that there is a skeg as well there, but I am not sure.
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    If it was built after 1972 it should have a Hull Identification Number. It would be on the transom. Facing the boat from behind it would be in the upper right hand corner. A 12 digit number that looks like ABC12345A272 or the like. The first 3 digits are a manufacturers ID code, and the last four indicate when it was built. If it doesn't have one then it is likely it was built before 1972 or was a DIY project. If it was a DIY project they did a very good job. And it does look like a Rawson.
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    Yes, she does look very much like a Rawson 26 - thanks to PNW Sailor.

    Re a lack of a HIN - I have found occasionally on older boats here that these numbers have disappeared as a result of over enthusiastic filling and fairing prior to the hull being repainted, and this might be the case here if no number is visible in the top right corner of the transom.
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    Gorgeous looking boat.

    is that dock rash on the hullside or a reflection of the ground?
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    I expanded the photo and saw the hood of a white pick-up truck below the bow "rash",
    and the white lines on the bottom paint follow the trailer frame lines.
    Hull looks great!
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  8. kpp
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    Hi sorry for the late reply/bump but that most definitely looks like a Rawson 26. I have one that is estimated to have been built post 72 (I guess there is a hull number somewhere). It seems that most Rawson 26s have had their interior rebuilt. What I have heard is they only built 22 of these while the Rawson 30 was much more common. I can't attest to that but it is a rare boat with beautiful lines and quite nice sailing qualities. I don't think that there are that many left to be honest and it is always a pleasure to see another one :) .. And what a nice price! I paid 3500 CAD for mine (with a dinghy) in 2020 with a survey estimating value at 6000. May I inquire on her current state ?
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