Book review, Coast Watchers by Patrick Lindsay

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    A non fiction paperback of 416 pages author Patrick Lindsay published by Random House:

    I just finished reading this excellent book it follows in detail the actions of the Australian Coast Watchers organization in the South Pacific prior to and during the Second World War. It follows the gradual buildup to hostilities in the Pacific Theatre and the progress of the Coast Watchers (codenamed Ferdinand) in their attempts to provide valuable intelligence on Japanese Air, Sea and troop movements and infrastructure from behind enemy lines.

    Patrick Lindsay writes in an engaging style which really helps the book flow instead of being a dry observation of events another positive is the print size in the book it's reasonably generous so even older readers should not need a magnifying glass.

    The book follows the incredible bravery of a small group of men and women and the loyal islanders who aided them. The Japanese brutality is well documented as well as the difficulties of carting heavy, temperamental, fragile and bulky radio equipment often at a moments notice to avoid detection and living with the fear of betrayal from islanders who had been recruited, cajoled or threatened by the Japanese into disclosing the lightly defended Coast Watch encampments.

    On a personal level the book left me deeply grateful for the Coast Watchers service and through their dedication and sacrifice the Allies gained important and sometimes vital intelligence on the actions of a deadly and brutal enemy. I'd rate the book at 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

    A preview of the book can be found below: Watchers&f=false
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