Bolger, Newick - Green Design History

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Anatol, Jun 26, 2015.

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    I came across an obscure early contribution to green design called Bioshelters, Ocean Arks, City Farming (Todd and Todd, 1984) which contains designs by Newick and Bolger.

    In it is described a 210' dual centerboard mono schooner by Bolger with wing masts and junk sails - an 'ocean ark' called the Margaret Mead. An ambitious project - never built.

    Also three smaller tris by Dick Newick, the prototype Edith Muma, and examples of two tri workboat classes, the One Ton Pickup and the Two Ton Pickup, both gaff rigged, designed to replace diesel craft in third world coastal communities.
    I found this note in

    As I write, Dick Newick and I are getting ready
    to sail the Edith Muma to Costa Rica, via Trinidad
    and Tobago Curacao, and the Spanish Main, a voyage
    of 2000 miles. In Costa Rica we will join Bill
    McLarney [co-founder with Todd of New Alchemy
    Institute] and his colleagues on the Talamanca coast.
    There they have already planted groves of
    boatwood trees— albizia, sesbania, eucalyptus, and melina. The
    melina has grown to boat-wood size in less than three
    years. Preliminary tests show it to be compatible with

    Does anyyone know anything about these projects? Its not clear that any of the 'one ton' and 'two ton' boats were built - not much comes up in searches, but this later related Newick project - - is in the same spirit.
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    re. Phil Bolger proposal Margret Mead

    This project is discussed in Bolgers book "Different Boats", pgs. 192-198.
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