Bolger June Bug Mods.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Jim Watson, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Jim Watson
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    Jim Watson New Member

    I am building a Bolger June Bug for fly fishing. I was thinking of modifying it to accommodate a small motor. Is it worth flattening out the stern section a bit and or widening the stern to make it more efficient under power? Thanks for your ideas. Jim
  2. bajansailor
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    Welcome to the Forum Jim.

    For reference for other readers, here is a link to the June Bug on the Instant Boats website -
    June Bug – 14′-0″ x 3′-3-1/2″ – H.H. Payson & Company

    Re if it is worth it - as always, the answer is 'it depends.......'

    How 'efficient' do you want it to be?
    Do you want it to pootle along happily with a 2 hp motor (which should be plenty really IMHO), or do you want to go like a bat out of hell at much faster velocities?

    Are you going to ever sail your June Bug, or will it be exclusively a power boat?
    If the latter, then you won't need the rudder, and you can modify the transom so that you can easily attach a small outboard motor to it.
    Please do also make provision for a pair of oars, or at least a paddle or two, for if (when) the O/B motor breaks down.
  3. Jim Watson
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    Jim Watson New Member

    I don't think I would put more than 2 or 3 hp on it. I have the feeling it would go pretty good if it was flattened out a bit in the stern. I don't want to ruin it for rowing though. Maybe just take out a few inches of rocker. I would like to sail it but really want to keep the weight down so I can get it around by myself. From the plan it looks as if you have to put 450lbs in it just to get the ends close to the water.
  4. messabout
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    Build June Bug just as it has been designed. A two or three Hp engine is more than enough to get up to something that resembles or even exceeds theoretical hull speed. It is not out of the question for a 2 or 3 Hp engine to make the June Bug assume a marginal plane . If you mess with the aft rocker you are going to diminish sailing and rowing potential.

    The sail shown on the plans is modest but it makes the boat go pretty well and does not threaten a more reserved sailor. Stick with the plans as drawn. Bolger and Payson were damn good judges of what works over a broad spectrum of conditions.
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  5. Jim Watson
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    Jim Watson New Member

    Thanks for your input messabout. I guess I was heading in that same direction. Bolger was very good at designing these little boats! After building a few of them and being amazed at how well they worked I'm surprised I even thought about messing with his design.
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