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    I know many user on this forum, and if i will speak with them i had to do in icq/msn and so on, why Boatdesign don't program a chat room for all active user??
    Users, if you agreed with my idea reply this post so administrators can see what we need.

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    i was about to ask about a chatroom myself when i found this post,,IMHO web page based java charrooms suck to be honest and they tend to load up websites, if a chatroom is to be created why not choose a Irc net,irc is text based chat there are dosens of irc networks where a room could be set up and controlled by the channell operators very easily for free, and its dosent affect your website server. i strongly suggest chooseing a net that has irc services enabled ie chanserv nickserv and memoserv.
    If help is needed with Irc i will gladly do so iv over a decade worth of experience with it and the comands and running of a room.
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