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    an2reir fifty boat designs

    Boat Yacht Designer Builder Looking for Projects


    I am Boat Yacht Designer and Builder based in Bucharest Romania

    I am currently seeking new projects ; I am offering :

    *Rhino 3D Modeling Services
    *VRay Rendering services
    *Interior Yacht Boat Design
    *Sail Yacht Design Packages
    *Motor Yacht Design Packages

    *In house Design Service.
    *In house Boat Yacht Production Mangement Service.
    *In house Boat Yacht Production Engineering Services
    *European Recreational Craft Directive Certification &Compliance related Services

    * Assistance in sourcing of Yacht Boat Products; Boat Yacht Equipments from China
    * Assistance in setting up Boat Yacht Production in China

    I posess substantial experience in Motor and Sail Yacht Engineering& Design ; Motor and Sail Yacht Production& Construction; Systems; Design and Fabrication of various Parts Equipments and Systems ;
    Composite Materials; Vacuum infusion; RTM; other composite technologies .
    Classic Boats Yachts Refit Restoration; Wooden Boat Building; and more.

    My portofolio includes :
    *15 years Boats Yacht Production & Yacht Design Experience I was at the latest 4 years( from 2007 to 2011) living in China and providing Yacht Design Yacht Engineering Management service to European Companies in China Yacht Industry.
    *Following my performing a succesful marketing of my yacht design packages to China ; my composite yacht design package has been purchased by China Corporate for production.

    Here are samples of my design work



    Those interested please contact me by Email or Private Message .

    Andrew Rochian
    S.C L&AMaritime SRL
    Bucharest Romania;
    mobile : 0040722794779
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    Gypsie Randall Future by Design

    Nice work Andrew, we are in the same business. Will let you know if something comes up.
  3. an2reir
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    an2reir fifty boat designs

    Thanks Randall for your message and appreciation.

    I offer:

    *Rhino 3D Modeling
    *Exterior&Interior Renderings

    *Sports Motor Yacht Design Packages
    *Flybridge Motor Yacht Design Packages
    *Multihull Design Packages
    *Sail Yacht Design Packages

    Designed for series production in composites vacuum infusion hi density PVC foam core topsides and superstructures; biaxial fiberglass lamination schedules;

    Best Competitive Prices

    Here another on my designs

  4. an2reir
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    an2reir fifty boat designs

    Boat & Yacht Manufacturing Companies invited to Romania

    Boat & Yacht Manufacturing Companies invited to Romania;

    Many European Boat & Yacht Companies were at the latest 10 years relocating their production to East Asia; China; Vietnam; Thailand.

    Many Italian and Scandinavian Yacht Companies were relocating production/shipping their molds to East Asia targeting the growing Asian Markets.

    However; for those companies who are targeting the European Markets ;
    the Transporting&Shipping of Boats and Yachts from Asia to Europe is very expensive.
    Prices of producing in Asia are on the rise and not going to get cheaper.

    I was developing Yacht and Boat Design; Yacht and Boat Building ; Yacht and Boat Restoration in Romania since 1997.

    I invite Boat & Yacht Manufacturing Companies to check the quality of our works we performed in Romania and delivered to international customers.

    You will find our knowhow and our work is nothing less than those performed at East Asia.

    I receive a constant flow of inquiries from International Customers;

    I constantly receive many customers for Riva Restorations .

    Boat & Yacht Manufacturing Yacht Restoration Companies are welcomed send me on my private messaging inquiries into the many potential benefits of performing Boat Yacht Production or Yacht Boat Restoration in Romania.

    Here is a sample of Riva Restoration I was performing in Bucharest Romania 2003-2004


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    Morgawr Junior Member

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