Boat won't plane out when fully loaded

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by smihty, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. smihty
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    smihty New Member

    I have a 1998 Sea Ray 185 Bow Rider. It has a 4.3L Mercruiser with 190hp with a recommended 4800rpm WOT. I currently have a 3 blade Mercruiser Laser II Stainless Steel prop that is 13.75 x 23. I have no problem planing out when the boat is not loaded heavily, but when I reach the maximum load capicity it takes way to long to plane out. If I exceed the weight capacity, it won't plane out at all. The prop just spins out. Would a new prop with a lower pitch help me out or am I just overlading the boat? I am not worried about top end performance, I just want to cruise and tow skiers.
  2. biggin
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    biggin Junior Member

    you minght want to size down to a 19 and see what happens
  3. jfblouin
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    What is your WOT rpm with 23 propeller and low load?
  4. Frosty

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    Youve basically answered you own questions really. You are corect in your assumtions = reduce friends or reduce pitch.

    We used to dump all the gear on the beach and return to the same spot, this used to lighten up a bit. This probably wont make much impression on your boat.
  5. gonzo
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    To start with, you should never exceed the boats capacity; no exceptions. Secondly, if you are at the load capacity and try to tow a skier, you are overloading the engine.

  6. alex fletcher
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    I totally agree with gonzo In australia. a skier is counted as a passenger and you would incur a fine if you where found to have excess passenger including any skiers. I also agree with Jack may I suggest a bigger boat will fix your problem
    with pitching you will have to compromise possibly and fit a different pop when you ski
    there is a number of post relating to skiing and heavy hull loads I think you should read these as they may answer the questions you have
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