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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by JordieS, Nov 14, 2011.

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    That's why i recommended Dave Gerr's book. He goes into this in detail.

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    I have a 30' boat with 28" side decks and an 11' fore deck, takes alot away below decks, but makes walking on deck really handy. A lazarette big enough to get down in and close the hatch (with the regular stuff in their) 4 1/2' quarter deck also takes away alot of cabin room. Huge functional well thought out galley takes up the whole width of the boat, better functionally than any "land kitchen I have ever been it". Water tanks are stored amidships, in the main cabin, can't have a "dinette", settee on the starboard side was replaced with a table, sturdy enough to sit on (settees usually have stuff on them anyway, why not just have a table and throw a little cushion on it when you sit there.) Bunk in the main cabin does pull out wide enough for two, but works for one closed up (and includes lee cloth). Most people are used to a separate room to sleep in so the forward cabin has become dedicated sleeping space (V-berth)...something that just doesn't work at sea. William Atkin designed forward of the mast on my boat to be head, workshop, storage, more storage and a fold down pipe berth for the occasional third crew member, really big chain locker in the first 3' of boat. I will be returning the forpeak to it's original design.
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