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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by chris, Feb 7, 2002.

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    I am flats-fisherman, and have a design in my head about a flats boat. I need help transferring my ideas to paper and then to construction. Also, need help analyzing whether the design meets performance expectations. Who would be able to help with this? What is the first step?
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  2. ErikG
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    Hi Chris

    A good idea is a good idea, but still only an idea.

    I suggest that you post your question on the design board too. Just to be sure that the right kind of people are reading it.
    There are a lot of knowledgeble people here so I'm sure that you will get some help soon.

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    Boat design planner

    Download the Carlson Hull Designer for free and play around with your plan. If you get serious about it, (it's a lot more complex to properly design a safe boat than you think, ) you might buy the full version and design and build your boat. But you might also try to find something you like that is already designed and proven to perform well and be safe and strong, and maybe modify it a bit (carefully) to fit your needs. Try these links:
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  5. Jeff
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    Hi Chris,

    I would agree with the others that if I were you, I would think about developing the concept a bit myself. As you do some preliminary sketches or create a preliminary 3d model, the ideas you have now will come together in different ways and through the initial problem solving, some will grow stronger while others you might find take a different form than your first expected. I think you would really enjoy spending some time drawing a preliminary design.

    If you do want or need a designer to come on board early, it might help to tell a bit more about the nature of your ideas. Are these layout concepts based on experience, or a new hull design, and what are the goals? Is this a one-off project, or do you have plans for a production line? If you have plans for a building these for profit, how serious is the project already, what might be offered to the designer in exchange for services provided early on, what kind of backing does the project have, etc., etc. If it is a one-off project, I would encourage you to start developing some sketches or some 3d models on your own and then others will be able to give you some feedback, or point you towards more relevant material to look at along the way.
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