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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ruben Volovitz, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Hi Ruben, there are lots of recommended software & books to get you pointed in the right direction. After you exit high school you can explore some of the nautical design schools. There are some good ones in the US.

    For now I would recommend exploring Freeship Plus. It's free.

    Study the user guide very well & play with sample models. Until you are educated enough I obviously wouldn't recommend building one unless the design has been reviewed by a good boat designer/nautical architect.

    FreeShip basically gives you the initial loft for the boat. From there you can import the 3D poly lines into another CAD system. Rhino3D is pretty reasonably priced. I prefer NX though since I have used it for several years.

    Best wishes,

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    For hull design consider Free!Ship Plus. You can download it for free from the following website.

    Later, if you want, you can get Delftship, which is an extremely similar program intended for more professional applications, though the files are not interchangeable between the two programs. Basically, the two programs operate in almost identical fashion. There is also a free version of Delftship, but it is crippled is some important ways.

    There is also an earlier version of Freeship.

    Here is the relationship between the three programs.

    Free!Ship (sometimes called FreeShip) up through version 2.6 was a free program written by the same person who later wrote Delftship.

    Delftship is essentially a commercialized version of FreeShip with partial file compatibility between the two.

    FreeShip Plus is the continuation of the FreeShip project carried on by a different person. It has partial file compatibility with FreeShip.

    There is no file compatibility between Delftship and Freeship Plus.

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    Programs are helpers, not instructors so you better start with some good books to learn about yacht principles.
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