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    A word on stitch and glue: for the first time builder it is best to buy a kit. It's more expensive than buying the materials but less risky.

    If you make a stitch and glue boat from plans the planks must be marked and cut accurately. The resulting hull shape is determined almost entirely by the plank shapes. Most kits are for stitch and glue and go together reasonably well as they are generally machine cut.

    If you are working from a plan however, the battens that Par wrote about help to define the shape of the hull and ensure that is looks good.

    When you buy a plan the designer will specify the construction method and often supply detailed instructions. It is wisest to follow these. I admit that I don't, but I enjoy the mental battle fo solving the problems that often result from meddling with the designer's intent.

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    I apologize to Ygthaydut. It appears his site is in good standing with the folks over at Bateau2..
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    He did!
    With the result that I have to

    I have deleted the post with my statement, not to discredit your business.


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    Okey then no problem . I am sorry too.
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