Boat Building in Portugal and Spain

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    Hello Everyone

    I'm from South Africa and probably moving to Spain soon and I'd like to enquire if anyone knows about the boat building (yachts, catamarans, wooden sail boats, fishing boats etc) in the Iberian peninsula and how people typically get work there.

    Do shipyards offer apprenticeships/on the job training to school leavers? Doest the education system have some sort of vocational training where people learn the necessary skills?

    What areas have the highest concentration of this work?

    In SA for example there is a boat-building academy at a state-run college that offers a three year course with half the time practical and half theory -- ship-yards regularly offer scholarships for this programme and hire graduates.

    Most of the shipyards for these boats are in Cape Town whereas the big harbour in Durban is where the huge military and commercial ships are built.

    I know that Algeciras in the South is the one of the largest ports in the world but apparently wooden boats are only being built in Galicia and the Basque country.

    Any info would be much appreciated!

    Siddiq Khan
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    Hi, did you find any info? Any thing other then Albaola at San Sebastian? What about portugal?
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