Blue seas circuit wizard wire size calculator

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Steve W, Aug 10, 2019.

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    Steve W Senior Member

    So I am looking to size new boat wiring and the blue seas circuit wizard is asking for me to input cca but i am using a pair of 6v golf cart batteries which, in series gives me 225ah at 12v but this is a deep cycle setup so there is no cca rating, so, my question is, what am i supposed to input into circuit wizard?

  2. gonzo
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    The batteries will have the same ah rating whether single or in series; only the voltage will change. That wizard does not require that you enter CCA or MCA to provide results.
  3. Deering
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    The size of the batteries is irrelevant. Only the voltage matters. In your case the voltage to select in the app is 12.

    The type of load (starting or deep cycle) is largely irrelevant as well. Just the size of the load in amps on the given circuit. Just add up the amperage ratings of every device that will be connected to the wire you want to size.

    All of the other questions the app calls for should be pretty self explanatory.
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