Blender Add-on Export To IGES

Discussion in 'Software' started by pafurijaz, Aug 26, 2021.

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    Blender Add-on Export To IGES
    Hi, is available a new add-on to export IGES directly from Subdivision surfaces from Blender the add-on is in early stage of development and is available for Windows 10 and Linux.

    Export IGES Add-on for Blender creates the subdivision limit surfaces and saves it as IGES file.

    For more info
    Give your feedback to developer if you can

    here my test with it
    a9738296901da1cb3c7c7c7c11980e12cba75c66_2_1035x618.jpeg 896a294cb9bf15357ef4399498705f0422b3534a.jpeg 2b70619db4e9185c5a306aae900f8c1cf90d278b_2_1035x579.png 606447f68a27efd77326134d31e1fbc846ecd28a_2_1035x577.png
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